Become an apprentice

Do you want a career in the trades? Start here!

Skilled trades offer good pay, opportunity, and respect. With almost 200 trades in Canada, there is a skilled trade for every interest and talent.

Apprenticeship training gives you the opportunity to learn on the job, while you pay down your student debt and get the skills you need.

Even as an apprentice, it is never too early to start planning for the benefits and responsibilities of being a professional tradesperson.

apprentice Resources
Provincial Resources

Apprenticeships are the responsibility of provincial or territorial government departments or ministries responsible for education, training, or labour.

National Resources

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum: Research, discuss, and collaborate.

Apprenticeship Systems: What are the training and education requirements for your trade?

Job Bank: start looking for the employer you need to begin your apprenticeship.

Did you know?

The Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program
You can work professionally in other provinces.

The Ellis Chart is a comparative chart of apprentice training programs across Canada.