Tax credits &
financial assistance

Tax Credits

Looking for tax credits, incentives, grants, and financial assistance available to apprentices and tradespersons?
You'll find links to many right here.

Credits and deductions are available because the trades are a vital part of the Government of Canada's economic action plan and taxes form the foundation of a strong economy.

Financial Assistance

Colleges, training, tools, living away from home—they all take money. As the cost of post-secondary education climbs and the labour market tightens, students can get squeezed in the middle.

Your province also offers unique financial options for your training and career.


Did you know?

Tax and benefit information for tradespersons: Explore the many reasons you need to file an income tax and benefit return.


The truth about taxes

Learning About Taxes
An online course.

Tax avoidance
What is the Canada Revenue Agency doing to find unreported income?

Will you do the job for cash?
Are you paid in cash? The government can still find out about it.