Is apprenticing right for you?

What's an apprentice?

Tomorrow's carpenters, plumbers, and electricians are today's apprentices.

Apprenticeship training is a hands-on learning experience; you get to learn the job under the direction of a certified journeyperson.

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Why become an apprentice?

Most tradespersons who complete their apprenticeship earn an average of 22% to 40% more than those who don't. Read the report from the Centre for the Study of Living Standards on the positive impact that apprenticing will have on your future: The Apprenticeship System in Canada: Trends and Issues.

Train in the skills that employers are demanding and you will be in demand. Earn while you learn, and earn more.

Working for fly-by-night companies or doing cash jobs contributes nothing to funding for schools, student loans, and training programs that benefit everyone, including you.

Respect, opportunity, and good pay. Apprenticing can work for you.

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