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The first step to becoming an apprentice is finding a job. Learn what all the steps are at Careers in Trades.

There are all types of jobs. Whether you’re building a deck for a neighbour, sweeping up a jobsite for cash, doing piecework, moonlighting, or working nine to five—a job is income and you must report income.

Learn how tax dollars from your job pay for trade schools and colleges as well as building projects like bridges, airports and hospitals that benefit all Canadians when you pay taxes.

Job Resources
Provincial Resources
Each province offers unique provincial resources for job hunting.
National Resources

Job Bank: your one-stop job listing website. Find jobs in your trade, in your own town! Register to take advantage of all the tools Service Canada offers. The Résumé Builder and Job Match allow you to build three separate profiles for selling your skills.

Working in Canada: Canada’s leading source for jobs and labour market information.

BuildForce Canada: workforce solutions built by industry.

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Once you have a job, find out what your rights are.

Did you know?

Have you heard about the underground economy? Do you know what it means? Do you care? Find out why working under the table can hurt you and your reputation as a tradesperson.