Start a business

Everything you need to start a business

About 60% of apprentices will start their own business one day, even if it only involves doing side jobs on weekends or evenings. Not all of those new businesses will succeed.

Give yourself the best chance for success. Learn how to:

  • keep accurate books and records;
  • get the licences and business numbers you need;
  • find financing for your ideas;
  • collect GST/HST or provincial sales tax; and
  • file your tax returns, and when.

We can help you find the answer to all these questions and many more that you haven’t even thought of yet.

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Streamlining your business permit and licensing experience

Business Resources
Provincial Resources
Does your business need to charge provincial sales tax? Find out how your province is working to simplify the red tape.
National Resources

Business Startup Assistant: The Government of Canada offers a wide range of tools to help you start your business. Check it out!

Stats Canada: Find the value and number of building permits issued in your municipality.

Enterprise Network : Enterprise Network: your first step in starting a business.

Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit (AJCTC): The Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit (AJCTC) is a non-refundable tax credit equal to 10% of the eligible salaries and wages payable to eligible apprentices.

The Canada Labour Code

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